‘Fight Doctor’ Ferdie Pacheco will be honored with a public memorial in Miami

Dr. Ferdie Pacheco, the beloved “Fight Doctor,” famed for his role as Muhammad Ali’s ringside physician, will be remembered by family and friends with a memorial service this month at The Historic Lyric Theater in Miami’s Overtown.

“Anyone who knew him or even met him once are welcome to attend,” his daughter Tina-Louise Pacheco said.

Pacheco died in his sleep at 89 on Nov. 16 at his Miami home. He was the lone surviving member of Ali’s training team. After he left ringside he enjoyed a career as an author, painter and an Emmy-winning boxing analyst for NBC.

Ferdie was expansive, the world far too small for his boundless bonhomie and curiosity. The term ‘raconteur’ could have been coined for him. If he was ever at a loss for words, you had the wrong Ferdie.

Nat Chediak on Facebook.

“Most of you knew him as The Fight Doctor, corner man to 12 world champions, including Muhammad Ali, for 17 years. But I knew Ferdie Pacheco as a dyed-in-the-wool film lover, one of my earliest supporters at the Cinematheque 40+ years ago. … Miami lost an essential citizen. But I lost a friend,” film historian and music producer Nat Chediak posted on Facebook soon after Pacheco died.

When: 3 p.m. Dec. 12

Where: The Historic Lyric Theater, 819 NW Second Ave., Miami