Fight the Bite: How to Prepare for Peak Mosquito Season in South Florida

Miami-Dade County Mosquito Control Division held a news conference Monday to discuss the measures they are taking during peak mosquito season.

Between May and October, the heavy rains and warm summer temperatures increase mosquito activity throughout the county.

According to officials, after prolonged rainfall, and especially during summer, mosquitos begin growing vigorously in about seven days.

With this in mind, officials highlighted their efforts to control the mosquito population and provided tips on what you can do to keep your yard mosquito-free.

Officials said they are taking measures such as truck spraying, aerial spraying, and contact sprays to fight the mosquito population this summer.

They also encouraged residents to use their “drain and cover” strategy. That means draining standing water in your backyard, especially after it rains. At the same time, people should cover themselves by wearing long-sleeved shirts and long pants while outdoors.

You could also cover your skin with EPA-registered repellent that contains DEET or IR-3535 as an active ingredient.

The public can also submit a public request if they are experiencing a major mosquito problem by visiting this website. Officials say they hope to respond in 48 hours.