Finally, the Le Jeune Road exit off the Dolphin will reopen. But it will be different.

A new flyover ramp on the right side of eastbound 836, connecting to northbound Le Jeune Road, will open at 5 a.m. Saturday, after years of construction and road closures around that exit.

But to demolish the existing bridge, all lanes of Northwest 14th Street — east and west — will be closed between Le Jeune Road/Northwest 42nd Avenue and Northwest 37th Avenue, from 10 p.m. Friday until 5 a.m. Monday.

The new ramp, which will extend west by half a mile, replaces the left-hand exit to Le Jeune Road from eastbound 836. It will provide a dedicated lane to drivers going to Miami International Airport and to Le Jeune Road north.

The change in the Le Jeune Road exit is part of a four-year, $152.6 million project, called the Dolphin Expressway Modernization, by the Miami-Dade Expressway Authority (MDX) to widen the toll road by one lane and reconstruct the interchanges from Northwest 57th Avenue east to 27th Avenue, officials said.

In the Le Jeune Road interchange, drivers would weave in and out of traffic to get into the left-hand exit off eastbound 836, said Cynthia Perez, who works with MDX.

“Entry to the ramp won’t cause as much weaving as it does now,” Perez said. ”Drivers will have more time to get on the ramp, unlike now.”

The new ramp will start farther back, half a mile from the current exit, closer to Northwest 37th Avenue, Perez said. The single-lane ramp will end just like the current one — drivers can either turn right to go toward Miami International, or turn left onto Le Jeune Road south, going into Miami and Coral Gables.

The exit at Northwest 27th Avenue opened in August with a new Diverging Diamond Interchange, in which drivers briefly cross over to the opposite side of the road, passing under the expressway overpass. MDX has said this will reduce traffic by eliminating left turns. One was also in the works for Northwest 57th Avenue.

The entire project is scheduled to be completed in spring 2019, according to MDX.