First he got a ticket. Then he got $250,000 and jewels. Next up: federal jail

Jessie Wooden, who pleaded guilty to three charges last week in federal court, could run a seminar: How to Go From Freedom to Federal Prison Without Firing a Gun.

That’s the journey the Miami man made from June 2015 to Thursday — and he did it in three easy steps.

Step No. 1: He got busted for felony driving with a suspended or revoked license in June 2015. Though Wooden got 16 months’ probation for that in October, 2015, this made him a convicted felon. That also gives him a criminal past and came into play when …

Step. No. 2: He robbed a jewelry store in a building full of jewelry stores, which meant it was full of surveillance cameras that can catch criminals entering, exiting and doing post-robbery celebration dances in the street.

On Oct. 29, Wooden, 29, and a cohort robbed Just In Time jewelry in the Seybold Building, at 36 NE First St. as they tied up the owner. According to court documents, the pair got away with 35 watches and $250,000 cash. Wooden carried a gun.

As Wooden was a convicted felon, that gun brought more charges into play. As Just In Time does business outside the state, interstate commerce made the federal government eligible to prosecute when all those images lead to arrest warrants and…

Step No. 3: Wooden sideswiping a Miami police officer’s car before crashing into oncoming traffic as he ran from a traffic stop on Jan. 11, 2017. He was extricated and arrested.

Facing a pile of charges, Wooden pleaded guilty to conspiring to commit an armed robbery, armed robbery, and possession of a firearm in furtherance of a crime of violence.

He’ll be sentenced May 25.