First they removed 4 submerged sailboats. Then they opened PortMiami and let cruise ships in

The haul from PortMiami’s navigational channels in the wake of Hurricane Irma? Four submerged sailboats and a floating dock in the turning basin. The storm also knocked two navigational buoys out of position into the middle of the channel.

All had to be removed or repositioned before the port could reopen to shipping. The U.S. Coast Guard finally gave the go-ahead at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, allowing four cruise ships that had been waiting off Government Cut to come into port.

But until a light damaged by Irma that is used as a navigational aid is repaired, PortMiami’s north channel can only be used during daylight hours, said PortMiami Director Juan Kuryla.

Surveys of the port’s south channel have been completed but until the Coast Guard gives the all-clear, it will remain closed. Kuryla hopes the green light will come early Wednesday, allowing four waiting cargo ships to enter the port.

Several cruise ships also are scheduled to leave from the port Wednesday for the first time since Irma deposited all the debris.