Fishtales on 33rd Restaurant Nightclub


Fishtales on 33rd

Restaurant Nightclub

Live Music 7 Nights and Full Restaurant Menu

Voted #1 American Fare Menu Restaurant Nightclub

Voted 4.5 Stars by our Staff

For over 10 years Fishtales has been an anchor business in the 33rd Ave Development Project on Ocean Drive just two blocks north of Oakland Park.

While Martorano’s two blocks away gets all the rave reviews, the fact is Fishtales has become the place to get great American Fare food and listen to live music 7 nights a week. No other spot in Broward features a full restaurant menu and the top cover bands from South Florida as well as other areas of the country that all play out at Cathy’s joint.

While the decor and view of Fishtales keeps it from being a true 5 Star Restaurant, is is as close as you will find to a 5 Star level menu, without the Maitre ‘D and linen table cloths and male waiters in tuxes and sky high prices that 5 Star Restaurants can charge. It’s easily the best value for the prices in the area. It’s 5 Star dining without the costs and plush booths and usual things you find in elite restaurants. If we gave out 5 Star Reviews, Fishtales would have it, but our policy is to never issue 5 Stars unless a restaurant has the plush decor and linen and Maitre’ D you expect from such establishments, which in South Florida is impossible to find. So Fishtales is as good as it gets in our opinion in South Florida the most laid back area in the country.

Fishtales is run by a little doll from Philly named Cathy who has come a long way since Fishtales opened over 10 years ago as an occasional spot to listen to live bands and it had the typical bar food menu and even a pool table.

Well the pool table is long gone and now there’s a well developed wine list and a chef that creates great American Fare dishes from seafood entrees to NY Strip steaks.

The menu is priced very reasonably and since there are live bands 7 nights, you will pay a slight premium for a beer, but the cost is minimal when you consider the great cover bands that play out at Cathy’s spot.

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We’ve seen Rex Luciferius on occasion in the place listening to some of the cover bands, he’s the hottest original musician in South Florida who had three #1 Hits on Soundcloud last summer when his latest albums Crossroads and Prophecy tore up the charts on Soundcloud gathering over 30 million plays. In total Rex put over 20 tracks into the top 10 on Soundcloud last summer in five genres of music. His PROPHECY MUSIC is the talk of the music world since his fans swear he is putting exact details of historic events into his music videos and clearly establishing himself as THE PROPHET OF ROCK AND COUNTRY BLUES.

Fishtales Love Music
Fishtales Love Music