Fla. Elderly Woman ‘Fearful’ After Attacker Gets Out of Jail

A woman near Palm Harbor is fearing for her life days after being brutally attacked while walking her dog.

The 75-year-old was punched and choked with a metal dog leash last Thursday, in front of her Pinellas County apartment complex.

Police heard her screams and were able to get to her in time. The suspect, who police identified as 20 year old Emmanuel Quosaj, was arrested and is now facing several charges including attempted murder.

Quosaj has since bonded out of jail – which is why the victim is now fearing he may come back to hurt her again.

“I can’t believe I’m alive because when that chain went around my neck, I had no chance,” said the woman, who doesn’t want her identity revealed. “I was accepting the fact I was going to die right then.”

The victim says she saw Quosaj walking a dog with his girlfriend at the same time she was walking her dog, Gizmo, and said there was no incident that provoked the attack.