Florida fireman busted for making cannabis oil inside his fire station, cops say

Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office deputies say Lt. Tavoris Allen, who serves at the Hillsborough County Fire and Rescue Station #26 in Plant City, had a “botanical extractor” machine along with two marijuana plants inside the station, the Tampa Bay Times reported.

The machine was being used Monday to convert the plants into cannabis oil — a concentrated liquid form of the plant —and Allen told deputies the device and its ingredients were his, Fox 13 reported.

CBD oil, which has become increasingly popular as a form of medical marijuana, has the benefits of marijuana without the THC high.

Allen was charged with possession of a controlled substance, with cannabis oil cited on his booking report, by the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office. He paid his $2,000 bail and was released Tuesday morning.

Fire Rescue officials are investigating before deciding on Allen’s future with the department.