Florida is home to people doing everyday things in the nude. Here’s the latest.

Naked people aren’t the most unusual thing you see in Florida. It’s hot as blazes here and things sometimes get a little crazy.

We have naked gardeners, naked intruders, naked park-goers, naked exercise enthusiasts.

We even have naked commuters. Back in August, motorists spotted a nude man on a bike on busy I-95 right here in Miami. The mad dasher got away before cops could flag down his two wheeler.

Now, we have a naked stroller. On Monday, filmmaker Billy Corben posted a video on his Instagram of a stout older fellow casually walking down Biscayne Boulevard in Miami in front of the Denny’s restaurant.

A female vagrant sitting outside the eatery looks shocked as the gray-haired man with a large belly walks by her in his birthday suit and picks up something off the ground, seemingly without a care in the world. A pumpkin, witch’s hat and owl are strategically placed where his naughty bits are.

The mystery man then meanders away from the prying cellphone camera, and mercifully away from the property, north down Biscayne.

Many of Corben’s 17,000 plus followers were amused.

One even joked: “He’s got “Moons Over his Hammy!” ribbing on Denny’s menu item, Moons Over My Hammy.