Florida Senator Wants Customer Rebates in Wake of Irma

In the wake of massive devastation from Hurricane Irma – including millions across the state still without power and looking to rebuild – U.S. Senator Bill Nelson is asking the nation’s largest internet, phone and cable providers to give customers a break after the storm.

Nelson sent the request to the CEO’s of several different companies, including AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, Comcast and more, asking the companies to provide rebates to those customers currently without power as well as a 60 day moratorium on late fees.

“Now is the time to lend a helping hand to your fellow Americans—to help them meet their immediate needs without the added stress of excessive financial demands,” Nelson wrote.

The Federal Communications Commission released statistics showing 18 percent of cell sites in Florida are without service, whole over eight million cable and wireless subscribers are without service in Alabama, Florida and Georgia.

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