Floridians shame and threaten hurricane Irma with ‘chancletas’ on Facebook

Reactions to the Category 5 hurricane Irma have drawn thousands of people into Facebook events such as “vigorously dabbing against hurricane Irma” and “angrily singing the ‘Santa’s Enchanted Forest’ ” jingle.

All of which were scheduled throughout the weekend, when Hurricane Irma was projected to hit Florida, which has been recorded as one of the largest hurricanes ever recorded in the Atlantic. Some did not hesitate to exhaust all options to steer Irma away from Florida’s path.

Kelly Michelle Hazell joined the “Gathering All Hispanic Moms to Help Get Irma In Her Place” event and filmed her Guatemalan mother do just that.

“I think mi mami scared Irma away from the east,” she wrote. Bianca Aranda Hazell was shown waving her chancleta, or flip-flop, as she berated the sky in Coral Springs.

“So there’s a lot of events circulating Facebook about hurricane Irma, but I think my favorite one was have your Hispanic mother shout at it and throw a chancleta at it,” Kelly said in her video.

“I wanted to do something funny to take my mind off of the chaos of the hurricane. All the Facebook events made me laugh, so I made a bunch of videos in response to them,” Kelly said.

Another hurricane Irma event was called “Shame Hurricane Irma,” referencing an episode of “Game of Thrones.”

Alexis Kirk headed to her backyard in Valrico, Florida, and began to chant at the skies as she rang her bell “Shame! Shame! Shame!” Kirk acted out the famous “Game of Thrones” scene where Cersei does the walk of atonement as a public ritual of punishment.

“It probably would help to lighten up the mood of the situation, and I hope to make someone laugh since everyone is panicking,” Kirk said.

According to the 5 p.m. advisory on Saturday, Irma was reduced to a Category 3, and it has also shifted west.

These videos may not have impacted Irma in any fashion, but it definitely has brought laughter into people’s dark, shuttered homes.