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Fort Lauderdale Crypto Guru 

Hits Big in Crypto Currency

Crypto Picks of THE PROPHET Rocket 1000%

They call him THE PROPHET, The Prophet of Crypto and The Prophet of Rock and Country Blues.

Last summer his newest album crushed the charts of SoundCloud. It produced over 30 million plays and three #1 hits plus 25 songs in the top 10 of 5 genres.

His fans and media now call him THE PROPHET of Rock and Country Blues.

The reason, his songs proclaim him to be  THE PROPHETand his top hits are about future great quakes, hurricanes and mass shootings as well as Terrorism. His 2016 music video on YouTube has a map of North America that showed exactly where many future events struck in a song that described the mass death events a year before it happened.

The historic hurricanes that humbled large areas of the USA and the biggest quake in over 100 years in Mexico were all mentioned in his music video and a map showed the locations to be struck. The Vegas shooting and Terrorism in New York City also we’re struck in areas his map pointed to in a music video where THE PROPHET warns everyone is sleeping and oblivious to the truth we are all inside a computer matrix.

THE PROPHEThas been taking crypto for many years on his famous 1 MEDIA Network of hundreds of business portals and local search portals created to funnel millions in web traffic users to his entertainment portals to buy his music (over 100 songs), books (over 100 titles), movies (over 10) and his cryptic occult symbol art (thousands of works).

For only $5,000 in crypto you can even speak on the phone to THE PROPHET for a quick 15 minutes about crypto or business matters or even psychic questions.

THE PROPHETtold us his time is worth much more than $20,000 an hour, since his huge portfolio of Industry keyword domain names with his proven business models to monetize his IP assets has his privately owned network now valued in the rare decacorn range. That means his non profit international company he formed decades ago to promote world Peace and free clean energy that own the rights to all his work is now valued at over 10 BILLION DOLLARS.

THE PROPHETwho controls several busy crypto news sites has a legion of fans paying $99 a month to get his legendary crypto news alerts an hour before he released his opinions to the world.  He has a rare .01% EXPERT Klout Ranking in  Crypto Currencies and Finance making him one of the most powerful people on the planet in social media.

For over 20 years THE PROPHET has been predicting exact details of every major historic mass death event online using time stamped Usenet posts and more recently YouTube videos.

So if you doubt anyone knows the future, do some research see his long history of big media articles all over the world.

The only country not hip yet to THE PROPHET is the USA that had had a government imposed ban on him since he nailed exact details of the Oklahoma City bombing in his public warnings about that event.

The US government even had THE PROPHET falsely imprisoned after 911 which was an event he nailed making him one of the top search terms in 2001 online. He has six case cites in the US Supreme Court detailing the horrific torture he endured in US prisons.

THE PROPHET has a 100 Trillion dollar judgment on the US government he obtained in an international court. The judgment is four times the GDP of the US population.

THE PROPHET picked three crypto coins as his picks for the top future crypto coins at the close of 2017. One coin that could run the entertainment industry exploded after THE PROPHET told his legion of fans to buy the 3 cent coin that went up 1200% in days after he picked it publicly.

Unlike Bitcoin which has only 21 million coins that have no practical use, TRX or Tron has BILLIONS of crypto coins so after the coin hit only 30 cents it moved into the top 6 market caps of crypto currencies in the world since  its total coins in circulation are now valued at many BILLIONS of dollars.

Another pick Ripple XRP became the 2nd highest market cap coin in the world of crypto when it jumped from only $1.00 a coin to $4.00 in days after THE PROPHET said it would soon over take Bitcoin as the top market cap coin in crypto. It is now the 2nd biggest market cap coin in the world 2nd to only Bitcoin which it will soon surpass says THE PROPHET.

Recently THE PROPHET was spotted on New Year’s Day howling at the SUPER MOON with gorgeous SUPER MODEL Sabrina Barnett who is also a recording artist like THE PROPHET. The super sexy Native Indian ageless beauty who did sports illustrated swimsuit editions as well as Victoria Secret modeling and graced the covers of most top fashion magazines is now involved in many philanthropic charities including one to help many natives still shackled to the chains of poverty on reservations.

Native Super Model Sabrina Barnett
Native Super Model Sabrina Barnett

THE PROPHET and Super Model Sabrina were spotted days later chilling at Cheers the Rock bar in Pompano Beach.

THE PROPHET says we are just at the beginning of THE NEW AGE when crypto Currencies take over as the global currencies of the world and helps unite humanity to a global government focused on helping the poorest of the world move from poverty into a new reality where  awareness of the ecology and the poor are finally respected.

There is no reason with so much wealth in the world that there should be any poor people says THE PROPHET and many of the new CRYPTO MILLIONAIRES are like THE PROPHET who puts his concern for world Peace and a clean energy world as the whole reason he is blessed to be one of the leaders of the new crypto currency movement. These Noble goals have been the focus of his decades old non profit organization to help humanity progress from barbaric concepts such as race and nationalities.

For decades THE PROPHET has shouted to the world WE ARE ALL ONE and his first book and song over 20 years ago was titled LOVE IS THE ANSWER.

The famous clothesline of Sabrina has the same messages.






1 Fort Lauderdale

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