Fort Lauderdale High School Senior Thinks Globally

The best way to comprehend Watson Lubin’s brilliance is to just listen to him present his ideas about anything.

“I like the idea of having my thoughts scrutinized at their very foundation, it only serves to help me become a better speaker, a better communicator, a better person overall,” Watson said.

A senior, Watson is going from student government leader at Fort Lauderdale High School to the prestigious University of Chicago. Watson earned a full scholarship through the QuestBridge program, and now he’s looking forward to surrounding himself with fellow intellectuals.

“A bunch of minds coming together with different perspectives, willing to listen and willing to share what they have to bring to the table,” Watson explained. “College is right over the horizon, I’ve got one foot out the door.”

His teachers call Watson a renaissance man, superb at everything he does.

“He’s just that all-around go-to guy that the kids love, the kids look up to, and it’s academics, it’s social, it’s everything,” said assistant principal Sean Curran.

“Although he’s very smart and he’s very involved, he doesn’t let that make him arrogant,” said classmate Sage-Lynae Symonette.

“I think it’s his charisma that stands out the most, he’s very passionate when he speaks,” added classmate Kirsten Williams.

Watson’s classmates see a young man who aces the hardest classes, leads the environmental club and co-created an educational Black History Month celebration.

“Not many people were cognizant of some of the stories, those stories that go untold in history,” Watson said, explaining the motivation behind starting the school-wide event in February.

He does it all while working two part-time jobs.

“I realize that maybe I should give myself a break every once in a while and that’s what every Friday is for but if I’m able to challenge myself and be better, why not?” Watson asks, showing the work ethic for which he’s famous at his school.

“For just wanting to give and inspire people in some way, is just what makes him an inspirational role model for me,” said classmate Rodnesha Dover.

The thing about Watson is, he’s not just local, he’s global.

Watson is a Cambridge Scholar and he recently received an award for scoring the highest in the world on a test which is given in 160 different countries, in 10,000 schools.

“Global swag is exactly right, in the class Global Perspectives, scoring top in the world, and just so humble about it, too,” said Curran.

Humble now, but his goals are lofty. Watson wants to major in international relations and become the Secretary of State one day.

Thinking globally, indeed.