Fort Lauderdale Night Club Review Blue Martini

Fort Lauderdale Night Club Review

Blue Martini

Located at Galleria Mall Fort Lauderdale

1 Star out of 5 Stars

Long considered one of the ‘upscale’ night clubs or bars in the Fort Lauderdale area, Blue Martini has been plagued with lots of scandals including allegations the geezers that hang out at this ‘bar’ use drugs to rape young girls. So watch your drinks ladies that funny old coot who was old when disco was ‘in’ may be a Bill Cosby clone waiting to give you a knockout pill.

The staff is usually young and has mostly long brunette hair and usually fake breasts. While you might find a token blonde or plain Jane here, the ‘look’ of the staff tends to show how the manager hand picks what he likes to look at and the rumor is he likes to use some of the staff as his personal harem.

Blue Martini claims to be a quasi ‘restaurant’ since they serve ‘food’ but there is no real kitchen in the ‘hot spot’. They have to import all the over priced fare into the ‘bar’ to then list at inflated prices to then offer it at 50% off during a happy hour that the average age is 70+ at.

Some well aged ‘cover bands’ play out at the spot, blasting away usually at 70’s era disco ‘hits’ that many of the patrons remember from their 20’s and 30’s and maybe even 40’s, that was 40 years ago so HOW OLD ARE THESE GEEZERS?

After 11 o’clock or so the DJ steps in and spins some more current tunes and you’ll find lots of wanna be escorts and strippers who are off and partying from the dens of decadence that permeate the South Florida area.

The drinks are over priced, the food is atrocious and the ‘atmosphere’ is Leisure Suit Larry.

One of the main things many ‘hot spots’ in South Florida have that  this ‘club’ doesn’t have is a view of the beautiful Ocean that many better watering holes filled with geriatrics have in the FTL area.

It would be hard to find a worse ‘night club’, ‘fake restaurant’ or ‘bar’ in SFL. You could go on a bender for a week and stupor up and down A1A, Los Olas and River Walk and never find a worse ‘night club’.