FPL Positioning to Restore Power in Hurricane Aftermath

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Florida Power and Light says it’s as ready as it can be to respond in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma and restore power as quickly as possible.

Governor Rick Scott said FPL and other utility providers are pre-positioning resources throughout the state and in neighboring states to respond quickly.

“It’s going to be very important to get the power back on quickly,” Governor Scott said.

FPL says it has spent the last several years installing concrete power poles across the area. The poles are built to withstand winds more than 140 miles per hour.

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The power company that serves South Florida also says it’s taken new steps to protect transformers from flooding.

“It’s all designed to get the power back to customers as soon as possible,” said David McDermitt, an FPL spokesperson.

There are hundreds of substations across the area where power is converted and sent to homes and businesses.

The concern at the substations is not high winds. Instead the concern is water.

Each substation is equipped with a flood monitor. If water levels rise inside a substation, it notifies engineers in a centralized control center. Remotely, the engineers can turn off power at that substation and reroute it.

“It provides us with real-time information,” McDermitt said.

Gerben Van Es/AFP/Getty Images

FPL also operates two nuclear power plants in South Florida.

The company confirms the plants will be shut down if the forecast places them in a direct path of the hurricane.

“They are built with reinforced steel, reinforced concrete and other measures to withstand major storms – even a direct hit,” McDermitt said.

He said even if both nuclear plants were shut down, there would be enough power available for all customers.

FPL has a number to call if you have no power. The number is 1-800-468-8243 or 1-800-4OUTAGE.  You can also report it online.

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