Friday is the earliest Miami-Dade schools will open. Thursday is earliest for Broward.

Miami-Dade County public schools will remain closed at least through Thursday, officials confirmed. Broward schools will stay closed through Wednesday.

It is still unclear at this point when they will reopen, leaders say. Miami-Dade Schools Superintendent Alberto Carvalho hinted on Twitter that schools will not reopen until FPL issues a power-restoration timeline — and when that will be is hard to tell.

Carvalho posted on social media Tuesday morning that most schools are still without power.

He also said that there are still “downed/inoperable traffic lights, trees, and debris around many schools making access difficult and hazardous.”

Carvalho noted that preliminary inspections of more than 250 schools show that buildings suffered minor to moderate damage “but no catastrophic impact at any site.”

Broward Public schools confirmed that schools and offices will remain closed at least until Wednesday.