Friday Night in LBTS (Lauderdale By the Sea)

Friday Night in LBTS

(Lauderdale By the Sea)

It was Friday the 13th on a date with 113 in it and the moon was FULL earlier in the day and THE PROPHET OF ROCK aka Rex Luciferius was seen in LBTS hanging out dressed in all white listening to a couple of local cover bands while smoking his ever present cigar.

We saw Rex sign a few autographs and pose for pictures with fans, some locals that were aware THE LEGEND was in the crowd. Rex made music news this summer when his latest album had over 30 Million Plays on SoundCloud and scored three #1 Hits in three different genres of music showing just how GREAT HE IS.

Rex is the originator of a new Genre of Music being called Prophecy Music and his song Pentagram of Blood has been credited with giving details of many recent major loss of life events including the recent Fort Lauderdale Airport Massacre.


Sollog Rex Luciferius
Sollog Rex Luciferius

On the Roxx was the first band we heard, it is a pleasant cover band fronted by Diane DeNoble, a pretty long haired brunette with a powerful voice and a bubbly stage presence. She roamed the stage like a veteran performer engaging with the crowd between songs and often venturing into it to dance with them when a song was playing that another member of the band was singing.

On the Roxx
On the Roxx

The mixed crowd of every thing from babies to young teen girls jumping around to young and old couples and some singles of all ranges watched On the Roxx in a large blocked off street area that every Friday Night in season has a free live music show from around 7pm to 10pm or so.

Rex Luciferius even sent a public tweet out to Diane DeNoble in which he said he enjoyed her performance.

The local cover bands that play the usual 120 BPM tunes from the last 5 or 6 decades, rotate through this early Friday night gig and most will get your feet stomping to typical cover band dance music from the 60’s as well as the 70’s disco era through the MTV pop of the 80’s and maybe a little 90’s dance hits and even some new stuff  like Bruno Mars thrown in.

When the stage savvy Diane DeNoble asked the crowd if they wanted to hear any love ballads she was met with a resounding NO from the crowd. From the powerful vocals Diane displayed through the night in songs such as I will Survive, the crowd missed out on what probably would have been  one of the better female vocalists gigging around South Florida doing what her powerful voice was meant to do.

After On the Roxx exited the public stage, the crowd moved on to The Village Pump where the The Rockaways with young Jason Dean Moshen a recent High School Grad was showing off perhaps the best lead guitar skills in South Florida and his voice is one of the best male vocalists in the area when it was featured on high voltage rock and metal where his Devo style screams instantly caught many ears of what became instant new fans of Jason.

Think young Jimmy Paige and Eddie Van Halen when you try to imagine the skill set that Jason is already showing off and he’s just barely out of High School.

The Rockaways is just one of a handful of local bands that Jason is gigging around South Florida with and he is in the original music bands Sweet Blood as well as NZM and he plays out with Crush.

The Rockaways has an unusual lineup in that they span many generations of musicians and rhythm guitar features a rarity in Rock, Pearl Pop who is a black female who is also lead singer on many songs the band plays. Vocals are shared among all four members of the band with young Jason the standout who mesmerizes any crowd he plays in front of. As a whole the Rockaways quickly turn any crowd into fans.


Rumor has it that Rex Luciferius is interested in having young Jason join his band since Rex says young Jason is the most talented young musician he’s seen in decades. Also, young Jason hits notes with his vocal chords that the deepest bass voice in Rock and Country Rex Luciferius would never even attempt to sing.

So the addition of Jason to the band Rex Luciferius would allow the band to have two singers that hit the lowest bass and baritone notes better than any rock band has ever done with Rex and with Jason a whole new range of vocals would be in play to allow the band to do stuff they cannot do now with only Rex handling the vocals.

Rex was seen with Dennis Gallo the father of the lead singer of Dooms de Pop Garo Gallo who was the founder the avant garde club The Bubble which is now Jump the Shark. Garo also managed the Poor House for years where original bands are all you get at that venue.


Rex says he has a lead guitarist and isn’t shopping for one. Plus one of his sons is now doing Counter Tenor pieces for his band, he crushes stuff like Queen and Journey, better than the original singers.