Friends Mourn Death of Man Killed in North Bay Village Shooting

Friends and family gathered Saturday after the man police said was killed Monday in North Bay Village by his girlfriend’s ex was laid to rest.

Some of Banner Vidal’s closest friends spoke to NBC 6 at his funeral and said he will be remembered through his art.

“He was the best, best guy I’ve ever met,” said Vidal’s friend Paul Stoepplewerth. “It’s hard to find good people like him in Miami.”

With tears in his eyes, Stoepplewerth mourns the death of his friend.

Stoepplewerth collaborated with Vidal often and flew drones to make videos for a living — videos that sometimes went viral.

“He’ll be remembered through his amazing work,” he said, “I show people videos every day.”

Vidal’s friends from high school say that was always his dream.

“He was non-stop talking about drones and how happy he was of how his business was doing and how this is always what he wanted to do and all the opportunities he was getting,” said Vidal’s friend Elizabeth Tablada. “He was just thriving.”

“The thing about him is that he was always a forward thinker,” said his other friend Daniel Gutierrez. “He had ideas and he did them.”

Vidal was killed Monday by his girlfriend’s ex, 41-year-old Jose Aranibar-Camacho, Miami-Dade Police officials said.

Miami-Dade Corrections

Jose Aranibar-Camacho

Officers had responded to the shooting around 7:45 a.m. at the apartment building in the 7900 block of East Drive on Harbor Island.

According to an arrest report, when officers arrived they found Aranibar-Camacho walking outside the apartment holding a gun with blood on his hands.

Aranibar-Camacho spontaneously told officers he’d shot his ex, Brittany Springmyer, and killed her boyfriend in the apartment, the report said.

Video obtained by NBC 6 captured what appeared to be Camacho in handcuffs, as he confessed to the murder in front of police officers.

A man jealous of his ex-girlfriend’s new relationship confessed to shooting her and killing her new boyfriend, police said. NBC 6’s Ryan Nelson reports

“[Vidal] was super happy that he just moved in with her and you know, they just went to Thanksgiving together. And I knew he was super excited to start their life together,” Stoepplewerth said.

Vidal’s friends told NBC 6 he was a hard worker and dedicated to his craft, but above all else, he was a great friend.

“I know of if he were still with us,” said Vidal’s friend, Xaviel Llerena. “He’d want us to be happy and cherish the good memories we had together with him.”