Gang targeted man in kidnapping and robbery because he’s an undocumented immigrant: cops

A man told cops that a couple kidnapped him at gunpoint Saturday night, robbed him while keeping him tied to a chair in a Davie mobile home park and then released him.

After Davie police arrested Natalie Williams, 34, Joshua Aaron Reiff and Andres Rafael, police put forth a theory how they picked their victim.

“It is believed that this group is targeting undocumented immigrants and robbing them for their cash,” Davie police Sgt. Mark Leone said. “We believe that they target these undocumented immigrants because they are less likely to report being victim of a crime to the police.”

The victim (name redacted on the probable cause affidavit) said that around 9 p.m. Saturday, he was at a stop sign at 13000 State Road 84 when a man stood in front of his Chevrolet Silverado. Williams walked up to the passenger side and asked the driver to give them a ride. After at first declining, the driver yielded to their wishes.

As they started to drive, he said, Williams took out a black gun to hold on her lap. Soon, she was holding it on the driver and directing him to back his Silverado into a mobile home’s parking space. They blindfolded the Silverado owner, the affidavit says, and marched him into a mobile home.

Once inside, the victim said, they took off the blindfold, tied his hands behind his back and planted him on a wooden chair. He saw five other men in addition to Williams and the man who had been with her. Soon, the gang began punching him.

“(The victim) stated that Williams mentioned several times that they should kill (the victim) because he’s already seen too much,” the affidavit reads. “They asked for (the victim’s) Bank of America debit PIN number and mentioned they would kill him if he provided the wrong information.”

The alleged victim also said the gang threatened him with death by their hand if he went to police and told him he’d be deported because he’s in the country illegally. He also said Williams said she’d tell cops he raped her if law enforcement talked to her.

He said they released him around 8:45 a.m. Sunday. He took a good look at the mobile home, he told cops, then noticed damage on his Silverado. He also noticed tools he estimated at $4,000 value missing from the truck bed. A clinic gave him six stitches over his right eyebrow and three stitches on his temple. His face, stomach and back bore bruises.

After he talked to police and picked out Williams from a photo, cops hit the mobile home with a search warrant. They found Williams, Reiff and Rafael.

Williams denied knowing anything about armed robbery and kidnapping, but said she hit (the victim) in response to his attempted rape. She said she didn’t contact police about the attempted rape, but let the victim come back to her mobile home residence, where her friends worked him over after learning of the attempted rape.

She didn’t explain why she went back to her place with someone who had just tried to rape her. She said she’s known the victim for 12 years, but couldn’t easily remember his name. His phone number? That was in her phone that she recently lost. She did say he left his phone in one of her drawers and gave her and Reiff his PIN number so they could take out $200.

Williams was arrested of one count of armed robbery, one count of armed kidnapping and one count of aggravated battery.