Hanging By A Thread: Customers Frustrated By Hot Air Balloon Event Disaster

Hundreds of people purchased tickets to a South Florida hot air balloon festival, but many are saying that instead of going up in the air, they were left hanging by a thread.

Heather Thomas had it all planned out for her and her three kids to go on a hot air balloon ride at an event called the Homestead Miami Balloon Glow.

“The line was around the corner. Once we waited in that line and that took forever, then they sent us to another line. That line we waited for two hours and 45 minutes,” said Thomas, a frustrated customer.

Once Thomas and her family got to the front, they were told the hot air balloon was out of gas. Thomas claims that the balloon operator quickly changed his story.

“They said sorry, it’s the wind. And I looked at the guy and said, ‘You’re not telling the truth. You just said it was the fuel to us,” said Thomas.

Thomas began recording everything. One video shows hundreds of people up in arms. The operator told everyone they couldn’t go in the air that day.

Thomas and others paid hundreds of dollars for the experience. For Heather’s friend, Lisa Werner, she said something didn’t seem right.

“You’re telling me that we can’t go up on the balloon due to the inclement weather, but yet you’re still trying to sell tickets to people arriving at the door,” said Werner.

Werner was able to get Heather’s money back. They took their frustrations to social media on the event’s Facebook page. They were not the only ones complaining about their experience.

But shortly after being posted, the negative comments were deleted by the company. Several people called NBC 6 claiming their money was taken by the group.

NBC 6 reached out to Midflo, the company that produces the event, but they have not commented. 

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