He exposed himself to a hotel worker. He ran into a storage room and found big money

A Homestead man who was arrested Monday on charges he masturbated along a Key Largo walking trail is the main suspect in a Valentine’s Day hotel break-in where someone stole a drop box containing more that $7,000, according to Monroe County sheriff’s investigators.

Amado Enrique Gaure, 20, also exposed himself to the night clerk of the Key Largo Marriott at mile marker 103 before sneaking into an unlocked storage room behind the lobby. There, he saw a metal box on the floor and removed it from the building, he told police, according to Sgt. Ian Barnett’s Feb. 19 arrest report.

Gaure was already in police custody when police say he made the confession.

He was arrested late Monday night in the parking lot of an adult book store after he admitted to exposing himself along a mile marker 102 walking path en route to the store to buy a pornographic movie, according to the sheriff’s office.

He had $800 in cash, used currency bands, as well as a small amount of marijuana on him. Detectives investigating the hotel burglary noticed he was wearing the same clothes as a man in security camera footage from the Marriott walking about the property and removing the drop box, Barnett wrote in his report.

Gaure arrived at the Marriott in a motorized canoe from the bay around 5 a.m. Feb. 14, according to the report. He crashed the vessel into the rocks along the beach, grabbed a large blue screwdriver and exited the small boat, he told police. After exposing himself to the clerk, he ran away and saw another employee enter the room where he ended up finding the metal box with the money.

Security camera footage shows him in front of the lobby at 5:20 a.m., according to the report. He stood there for several seconds before leaving. Footage also shows him running through a ground-level parking garage carrying the box, according to Barnett’s report.

Gaure found the cash box next to a cage containing sodas, he told investigators. He carried it into the woods and broke it open with the screwdriver.

Barnett stated in his report that the clerk called the sheriff’s office at 5:15 that morning to report a man standing outside the lobby “pleasuring himself.” A deputy conducted a walk-through of the property but did not find anyone or anything else that seemed suspicious.

A Marriott employee called police back at 9:30 a.m. to report the burglary.

The manager said there was a total of $7,177.57 in cash inside the box. The broken-open box, $115, used currency bands, a blue screwdriver and miscellaneous office supplies were found in the woods on the side of the hotel, Barnett stated in his report.

The property manager of a Key Largo boat rental business told deputies Gaude sleeps on a boat on the property. He gave police a camouflage backpack he said he found.

Deputies found $93 in cash inside it, as well as two used currency bands, two cell phones and a Florida fishing license displaying Gaude’s name, Barnett’s report said.

When detectives spoke with Gaude inside Plantation Key jail and asked him how he spent the money, he told them he and his friends went to Kiffney’s Firearms and Indoor Range in Key Largo, where they shot guns and bought pellet guns, pellets and CO2 cartridges. The cartridges are needed in BB and pellet guns to make them fire.

Gaure is being held on a total bond of $65,000 on charges of grand theft, burglary, possession of burglary tools, as well as indecent exposure and misdemeanor marijuana possession.