He speaks Spanish, carries a Confederate flag and lives in Hialeah. Who is he?

His Facebook page features Confederate and Black Cross of Southern nationalism flags, Pepe the Frog, and a photo of President Donald Trump drinking a coffee cup labeled “CNN TEARS.”

He shows up at street rallies wearing dark sunglasses, waving a Confederate flag and offering up interviews in English and en español. He claims to be a defender American “heroes” and labels as “Communists” those who want remove Confederate symbols, such as statues and street names honoring the likes of Confederate Army leader Gen. Robert E. Lee and Ku Klux Klan founder Nathan Bedford Forrest.

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His name: Christopher Rey Monzon, 22. His city: Hialeah. His ethnicity: Cuban American.

christopher monzon

Christopher Rey Monzon

Broward Sheriff’s Office

Monzon, who also identified himself as Chris Cedeno, was arrested Wednesday after he charged demonstrators during a small protest in Hollywood where most of those present were urging commissioners to rename three streets bearing the names of Confederate generals.

“They are communists,” he said of the demonstrators to a Univision Channel 23 reporter in Spanish. “My message is that they are not going to win and we are not going to leave without a fight.”

Monzon has no criminal record according to a Florida Department of Law Enforcement search, but he is no stranger to white supremacy.

In early July, he told Rise: News: “Well, I think that, clearly, the multicultural utopia that the left have been trying to achieve now for the past 50 years is impossible to achieve, and they’re going to keep chasing it until we’re in ruins.”

Of African-Americans, he said: “They’re lucky to be here.”

Back in January, in a blog post on the website for the League of the South, an organization that advocates for a second Southern secession, Monzon protested the Federal Reserve in Miami-Dade.

“Despite what everyone is calling a victory against the globalist elite with the election of President Donald Trump, the reality of the situation is that our fight has only just begun and we are no where near victory,” wrote Monzon, whom the League of the South identified as a “Southern Nationalist.”

He also wrote that the “central banks” are “orchestrating the genocide of western civilization in the shadows,” according to the blog post.

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Monzon finished his statement with “God save the South.”

The blog post also featured photographs of him with a sign that read “Feds out of Florida” and “SECEDE!” in addition to what appeared to be a Black Cross of Southern nationalism flag.

Michael Hill, president of the group, wrote in a separate post that the white area of the flag signifies “our Folk and for our purity,” while the cross signifies “no surrender.”

This symbol appeared to make up half of the Confederate flag that Monzon used to charge demonstrators with on Wednesday, in addition to being on the pocket of his T-shirt.

Another online blog features a screen grab from Monzon’s Facebook page from a status, which is no longer publicly accessible. The status from Monzon, whose Facebook pages uses the name Chris Cedeno, said it “saddens [him] to see whites looking up to n——.”

Monzon identified that he worked at two different fictional Star Wars places on what appeared to be his Facebook page. The page also said he attended Lincoln Martí, a school in Miami, and is currently “in a relationship.”