He stabbed a father, then ran through the mall into the women’s restroom, cops say

Luis Chavez
Luis Chavez Miami-Dade Corrections

A disagreement that started with someone kicking the back of a movie theater seat escalated to a homosexual slur, then a stabbing in front of family and ended with a cop holding a suspect at gunpoint in the women’s restroom.

That’s how an arrest affidavit describes the incident that interrupted the Saturday evening showing of “No Manches Frida 2” at the Cobb Dolphin 19 Cinema at Dolphin Mall. Afterward, 56-year-old South Miami-Dade resident Luis Chavez was arrested on charges of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, disorderly conduct, resisting an officer without violence and tampering with physical evidence.

That last one comes from the arresting Sweetwater police officer saying Chavez threw the stainless steel pocketknife in a women’s restroom stall in the mall to hide it.

Chavez, the arrest affidavit says, felt the man sitting behind him in seat F11 was lightly kicking the seat. The man in F11 (his name isn’t in the arrest affidavit) denied any chair contact. Chavez fired back with a Spanish homosexual slur.

Mr. F11, the arrest form says, “told (Chavez) to stop disrespecting him in front of his kids” and rose to his feet. Chavez rose also “and lunged at the victim in the presence of the victim’s family members.”

The affidavit says Chavez was lunging with an edge, specifically a stainless steel 2-inch pocketknife. He got Mr. F11 in the lower abdomen and in the right arm, from bicep to forearm.

Chavez ran as the victim’s mother followed, yelling, “Don’t let him go! He hurt my son!”

A Sweetwater cop working off duty at the mall chased Chavez into the women’s restroom, where, he said, Chavez ditched the knife in a bathroom stall. The officer “held (Chavez) at gunpoint until backup arrived.”

Chavez remains in jail on $33,000 bond.

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