He stole $2 and xylocane, tried breaking into cars and ran from the cops, police say

As a woman was making her way to her car in a Hialeah parking garage Tuesday night, she told police she noticed a man walking between parked vehicles, peeking inside and trying to open doors.

Then, she said, she took a closer look and realized it was the same man seen on video burglarizing her workplace two weeks earlier.

After a brief but awkward chase through several floors of the parking garage, Jorge Isaac Beneditt, 36, was captured and arrested. He was charged with loitering and prowling, burglary and grand theft. He was jailed and his bond was set at $6,000.

According to police and the woman, who wasn’t named in the arrest affidavit, it was 6:45 p.m. Tuesday when Beneditt was spotted walking between cars on the second floor of the parking garage at 777 E. 25th St.

The arresting officer said he spotted Beneditt, who began to run up the stairs to get away — but for some reason left his blue sneakers behind. On the fifth floor the officer said Beneditt tried to hide behind a wall. When he was ordered out, he took off again, at one point falling down on his back, then getting up and running again.

His attempt to hide behind a Hyundai failed, the officer said and he was taken into custody.

Asked what he was doing, the officer said Beneditt replied: “Just hanging out, man.”

He was quickly linked through surveillance footage to a burglary in an adjacent building two weeks earlier in which toner, a heart rate monitor, an office printer, $2 and a bottle of xylocaine was stolen.