He tried to park over and over. When he was done, he had hit 17 cars — and had a DUI, police say

An Orlando, Florida, man has been charged with a DUI after he struggled to park again and again and again — eight times in total — crashing into more than a dozen other cars in the process, according to police.

WPLG reports that the driver, 25-year-old Tony Futch, was allegedly driving while impaired in Davenport, Florida, early Friday morning when police were called to a local apartment complex.

When authorities arrived, they found Futch in his SUV and 17 other cars that he had struck while trying to park his vehicle, according to the Orlando Sentinel. Images from WPLG and WFTV also show that Futch used his car to force his way past a security gate, bending the metal gate as he drove through. Other images show the cars he hit with partially detached bumpers, smashed tailights and dents.

According to NBC2, Futch refused to take a breathalyzer test for police and was arrested on DUI charges, as well as damaging property and resisting arrest without violence.

This is not the first time Futch has run into trouble with the law over his driving. Per NBC2, his license was previously revoked in 2013 for a prior DUI.

Witnesses who spoke with WFTV said Futch’s behavior in the early hours of Friday morning were dangerous and scary.

“We were scared he was going to run over and kill someone,” witness John Ristic told WFTV. “He should thank God because he didn’t kill a person. Because if he killed a person, he would never live with himself.”

Futch’s bail has been set at $9,250, police say.