Healthy Tips For Packing School Lunches for Students

With the school year in full effect now across South Florida, parents are always looking for the best way to make a healthy meal for their kids. Of course, with the constant coming and going associated with getting your kids out the door, quick and simple is usually the way parents go.

“Planning is so important, because sometimes we get so hungry and we kind of put things together that are not necessarily healthy,” said Dr. Mayrene Hernandez from United HealthCare. “I think that component, and preparing a menu, is so important.”

Those young, vibrant souls can also be the pickiest eaters. A lot of kids won’t eat a meal, just because it doesn’t look good. Dr. Hernandez says add a little color to the meal – like tomatoes, red peppers, and even guacamole.

“They’re wonderfully healthy for you,” Hernandez says. “They have great fats. The good kind of fats in them.”

Hernandez also says don’t just prepare the meals for your kids – get them involved. The more you get them involved, the more they’ll look forward to eating what you prepared – and it will also give you some quality bonding time.

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