Helping Hands: What Scouts BSA Is Doing to Give Back During the Pandemic

The Boy Scouts of America, now known as Scouts BSA, is shifting during this pandemic to focus on what can be done in the community to help those dealing with the backlash of COVID-19, especially the health care workers on the frontlines.

Pitching in to help with free food distributions, switching the Camp Card Campaign from raising money to donating to those working at the front lines of the pandemic, and holding drive-thru parades to show gratitude to health care workers are some of the ways the organization, which now has female scouts, is extending a helping hand during this time.

Focusing on health care workers is allowing the kids in the program to truly appreciate the hardships associated with fighting this pandemic.

“I’ve heard a lot about what it’s like in hospitals,” Andrea Camaron said. “It’s not every day they receive that acknowledgment. So to have people say thank you, that’s important.”

Like almost every business, non-profit and organization, so much has changed for the scouts. The South Florida headquarters sit empty — with programming and meetings done virtually now — but in many ways, this is a new chapter for a long-running organization that is taking this opportunity as a teaching moment.

To learn more and to get your kids involved, visit the website to the South Florida chapter of Scouts BSA.