Here are the best Tweets about (former) Hurricane Ophelia

“There was no possibility of taking a walk that day.” Opening line of Jane Eyre,” published on this day in 1847 #Ophelia,

Isn’t it ironic? One Twitter user pointed out this factoid, that yes, Charlotte Bronte’s classic was published Oct. 16 — 170 years ago.

As many people in Ireland were stuck inside Monday due to Hurricane Ophelia, many residents took to Twitter to announce their displeasure. It’s called “a post tropical” storm, says meteorologists.

The country is known for inclement weather and seems to have a collective sense of humor about it. Most people didn’t seem worried at all, despite the fact that three victims have been confirmed dead.

We went through Twitter and found the most amusing posts with the hashtag #ophelia

There’s a woman on the beach that gets hit by a flying fish while “Eye of the Tiger” plays in the background.

A guy laughs off the storm as his bag of chips flies through the air.

Another jokester posted a picture of his dog spinning in circles.

One intrepid fellow even rode his lawn mower attempting to clip grass. And even more daring, an elderly gentleman went swimming off the coast on Sunday as the storm approached.

“I’ll never panic no matter what. It’s super,” Timmy Flaherty told UK news site