Hialeah is One of the Most Miserable Cities, Study Finds

Hialeah recently ranked in the top 20 of most miserable cities in the United States, according to a list published by Business Insider.

It was one of five other South Florida cities that were ranked in the top 50.

The yearly report uses census data from 1,000 cities, considering factors like median household incomes, employment, healthcare and commute. See the full data set and how each indicator is weighted here.

Hialeah ranked number 13 due to the fact that 26% of residents live in poverty. The lack of diversity in its primarily Hispanic population also plays a factor in its ranking, the study says.

So what were the other five South Florida cities that are just the absolute worst? Hallandale Beach (No. 37) made the list because 20% of its population lives in poverty. Just ahead of Hallandale is Fort Pierce (No. 34), whose economy has been hurt due to Florida’s declining citrus industry, and North Miami Beach (No. 33). The latter having two recent mayors face criminal charges on spending.

Miami Gardens (No. 28) was placed on the list because of its title as the “stop and frisk capital of America”. 57,000 people had been frisked since 2008. North Miami’s (No. 25) constant flooding and vulnerability to sea level rise is making life tough for it’s 63,000 residents, according to the study.

But fear not, Floridians, people who live in Detroit, Port Arthur, Texas, and Gary, Indiana, are more miserable, according to the study.