Homeless in Fort Lauderdale

Heat Index Fort Lauderdale
Heat Index Fort Lauderdale


Homeless in Fort Lauderdale

Disabled Senior Evicted in Pandemic due to Whacko Judge


Two months ago, another WHACKO Female Judge in Broward County Nina Di Pietro (See our Article about another Whacko Female Judge in Broward) evicted a disabled man with a CDC Form and a lease. The judge didn’t give a shit and ignored federal law.

That person is now doing a HOMELESS.help Blog and we recommend you HELP the Homeless in South Florida by donating all you can. Now that summer is amongst us, the daily heat index all day and all night is 90 degrees to over 100 degrees.

Today at 6am it was already 80 degrees but the HEAT INDEX was a scorching 90 Degrees at 6am.

It is expected to hit 100 Degrees HEAT INDEX by noon today, the first triple digit HEAT INDEX in South Florida this year and it hit on Summer Solstice.

What this means is the elderly disabled homeless that cannot work and get tiny disability checks that cannot afford housing in South Florida are now faced with 24 Hour days of 90+ HEAT INDEXES.

Many will now die of complications this heat makes with their chronic illnesses such as high blood pressure, congestive heart failure and diabetes.


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