Homestead Farm Responds To Video Showing Stranded Animals

A Homestead farm has responded after a viral video clip purported to show abandoned animals on its grounds before Hurricane Irma struck South Florida.

The clip, which was originally posted on Facebook, showed a goat that appeared to be tied to a snapped tree, along with other stranded farm animals. The video incited rage among many social media users, who called out the Robert Is Here Fruit Stand and Farm for apparently neglecting the creatures.

“They’re protecting the fruit stand, but they’re not doing anything about the animals out there,” the video’s narrator said.

On Tuesday, the farm responded to the video, saying that they did not abandon or abuse the animals.

“They had a safety shelter that all the animals huddled in as they always do during storms, and we would NEVER tie up an animal to a tree,” a spokesperson said in an e-mail.

“Our animals are all healthy and happy and not one was injured. We followed our Hurricane Preparedness plan that has been written by UF/IFAS and known by anyone with livestock.”