Homestead Mother Accused of Trying to Suffocate Baby With Pillow

A mother in Homestead was arrested after police said she tried to suffocate her 1-year-old daughter.

Ashley Diaz, 29, was arrested Tuesday on an attempted murder charge, an arrest report said.

Miami-Dade Corrections

Ashley Diaz

The report said officers responded to her home regarding a woman putting a pillow over her baby’s face, but determined that it was a domestic dispute and found no evidence at the time to the allegations.

But when police continued to investigate, they learned there was footage from a FaceTime video with the baby’s father of Diaz threatening to kill the baby, the report said.

In the video, Diaz can be seen putting a large black pillow over the baby’s face and head, the report said.

“Diaz is seen pressing down on the pillow with enough pressure that the tips of her fingers appear to lose blood flow and turn white,” the report said. “The video also shows [the baby] when Def. Diaz is doing this, flailing her arms and legs possibly due to her not being able to breathe.”

The baby’s father said Diaz became enraged when she thought he was with another woman, the report said.

Diaz later told investigators that she was just playing with the baby “and that they always play that way,” the report said.

Diaz was booked into jail and ordered held without bond. Attorney information wasn’t available.

Police said the baby is currently in good health.