How do you rack up a $10,000 Hampton Inn bill? Cops say this fraudster couple did it

A couple with Alabama roots not only managed the seemingly Herculean feat of piling up a $10,155 bill at a Hampton Inn, but then skated on the bill, the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office said Sunday.

First to the obvious question of where this Bama couple is today. As of Sunday afternoon, Lee Roe, 36, and Ashley Bey Roe, 34, sat in Monroe County Jail, each on one count of grand theft between $10,000 and $20,000. They were found Saturday at a home near mile marker 100.

Now, to the even more obvious question of how anybody can rack up such a grand bill — or, we should say, 10 grand bill — at Hilton’s middleweight chain that caters to budget-conscious travelers with free breakfasts and plastic utensils.

Let’s start with the Hampton Inn in Key Largo isn’t priced like the Hampton Inns in, Huntsville, Alabama, or Fort Payne, Alabama, cities where Ashley Bey Roe and Lee Roe, respectively, come from. Those are $100 per night Hamptons. The Key Largo Hampton goes for more than $200 per night.

Still, this required a lot of leeway from hotel management.

The Hampton Inn’s manager told the investigating deputy that the Roes checked in as Hilton Honors Rewards Program members, allowing them to enter without handing over a credit card, just identification.

The Roes stayed from Oct. 20 through Nov. 3, piling up a $3,229.88 bill; then Nov. 3 through Nov. 10, rolling up $1,931.90; Nov. 10 through Nov. 17, totaling $1,921.64; after a break, back in Nov. 26 through Dec. 3, for another $1,767.36; then Dec. 4 through Dec. 11, totaling $1,304.31.

Somewhere in all these unpaid charges, the hotel got a credit card from the Roes, and the credit card issuer told the Hampton Inn the card had been reported stolen.

By this time, the Roes had left.

The manager got in touch with Ashley Bey Roe on Facebook Messenger. When the messages brought up the stolen credit card, she blocked the manager.

So, the manager called Monroe County Sheriff’s Office on Dec. 18.