How should a two-time bike bandit be punished? A spanking will do, the victim says

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Jessica Nasib Khachani is fed up with a brazen bike bandit who struck not once, but two days in a row, at her Miami Beach apartment complex.

The bikes were secured with a cable and lock in the first floor garage area of the building in the 2000 block of Prairie Avenue, according to police.

The first bicycle, a mountain bike valued at $450, was stolen Friday, along with the front tire of the second bicycle, which went missing Saturday.

Mehdi Khachani, the apartment complex’s manager and Jessica’s husband, filed the report after discovering the theft and viewing his property’s surveillance video. He plans to file a supplemental report listing more details, Miami Beach police said.

According to the police report, the suspect is seen inside the property carrying an unknown object, possibly bolt cutters, wrapped with a possible towel. The suspect is seen riding the victim’s bicycle and also carrying a black patio umbrella as he leaves the property.

The surveillance video of the property obtained by WPLG Local 10 and viewed by the Miami Beach Police Department reveals clear images of a youthful-looking, thin male with what appears to be tousled, curly, dirty blond hair, and a black T-shirt with the lettering “New York City.”

The agile suspect hops a fence and makes off with a bike. He struck Friday and then again on Saturday. Just after midnight Sunday, Nasib Khachani posted photos on her Facebook wall with a message to the alleged bike bandit:

Bike bandit hop fence FB.jpg

Bike bandit suspect hops a fence in the 2000 block of Prairie Avenue in this still from a Miami Beach surveillance video. Theft victim Jessica Nasib posted the image to her Facebook page on May 13, 2018.

Jessica Nasib/Facebook Miami Beach surveillance video

“This hot mess of a kid stole my bike today… please share! We have finger prints, video and of course pics. So tired of these freeloaders getting away with their crap. Not this time Beavis!”

Apparently, “Beavis,” so-named by Nasib after the bratty character popularized on the early-’90s MTV animated series, “Beavis and Butt-head,” is not shy about going on camera. Several stills show him looking up at the lens.

On Saturday, in broad daylight, with people coming and going, the suspect returned for a second helping, aided by bolt cutters, Khachani told police.

Nasib Khachani hopes he’s caught, but she’s not putting all of her faith in Miami Beach’s finest, who are investigating the crime.

She’d settle for something a bit more old-fashioned.

“I genuinely wants [his] mom to spank. That’s all I want,” she said in the Facebook thread.

Nasib Kachani’s post, which she’s made global in hopes the exposure will lead to the thief’s capture, sparked a spirited discussion with several Beach residents commenting on his appearance.

Some think he’s but a child. Another thinks she might have seen him at a bar and only looks like a kid.

The police report, which lists a charge of grand theft in the third degree, gives an age range of 18 to 25.

Another person on the thread, with an apparent sense of humor, posted, “Found him!” and included a screen grab from the Netflix series, “Stranger Things,” of the Dustin Henderson character, portrayed by Gaten Matarazzo.

Stranger Things character.jpg

Gaten Matarazzo, 15, plays Dustin Henderson in the Netflix sci-fi series “Stranger Things.”

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