How to Watch NBC 6 News Live Events on Peacock, Roku, Samsung TV Plus & Xumo Play

You can now watch the latest local newscasts, breaking news as it happens, constant news updates, weather forecasts & live special events from around South Florida on the NBC 6 News channel on streaming platforms.

The 24/7 channel also includes original digital series produced by the NBC 6 team, award-winning investigative reports and so much more.

How to Watch on Peacock

Here’s how to see NBC South Florida News on Peacock:

  • First, go to or download the free Peacock app for your streaming device, phone or tablet. It’s available for iPhone or Android.
  • Then, click on the “channels” tab in the app.
  • Scroll through the channels to NBC South Florida News.

NBC 6 South Florida’s award-winning local coverage is now available on Peacock! Here’s how you can start streaming for 24/7 access to news, weather, sports, investigative reporting and more.

How to Watch on Roku

Here’s How To Watch NBC South Florida News on Roku:

  • Turn on your Roku device
  • Select the Live TV tile on your Roku TV home screen and then click the left arrow button, OR
  • Open The Roku Channel app, click the left arrow button to access the left-hand navigation menu, scroll down to Channel 147 and select Live TV

Now you can watch 24/7 local news coverage from your favorite local station.

How to Watch on Samsung TV Plus

Here’s how to see NBC South Florida News on Samsung TV Plus:

  • Hit the Samsung TV Plus button on your remote
  • Hit the channel up/down button to bring up the Program Guide
  • Scroll to the news channels section and find NBC South Florida News

How to Watch on Xumo Play

Here’s how to see NBC South Florida News on Xumo Play:

  • Open the Xumo Play app on your favorite mobile device or streaming platform
  • In the Live Guide there is a vertical list of content sections. Scroll down to the last option, Local News
  • Scroll through the local options and select NBC South Florida News