Hurricane Irma stormwater seeps through downtown Miami apartment walls, ceiling

From the 12th floor of their downtown Miami apartment, filmmakers Dmitry Zhitov and Jose Canto posted late Saturday on Facebook they were “Ready to face Irma.”

A photo showed their two small dogs atop a cabinet, along with a mattress and dresser, propped against a sliding glass door.

The next morning, Zhitov and Canto discovered Hurricane Irma stormwater seeping through their apartment walls and ceiling.

“The rain is blowing right into the wall. The walls are not too solid in this building. All the walls are getting wet,” said Zhitov, adding that he and Canto quickly put their photo and video equipment into plastic bags.

Zhitov and Canto live at The Madison, 850 N. Miami Ave., a few blocks west of AmericanAirlines Arena. The 17-story condo-rental complex, built in 1989, has 355 units and no availabilities, according to

The filmmakers — now camping out on a mattress in an interior hallway — say they’re not afraid to stay the rest of Irma inside the highrise.

“The building is not moving,” Zhitov said.