I Said It: September 13, 2017

As the Dolphins returned to practice in Oxnard, California, on Wednesday, here were some comments from players and coaches that stood out.

— Dolphins Head Coach Adam Gase is confident he’s got the right group of players to deal with any kind of adversity. 

“You wait all year for that first week of the season and we didn’t get that opportunity last week. I think our guys are just ready to get going on it.”
— Adam Gase is working with an eager group of players this week.

“Everybody has been great in making sure that we’re taken care of. It just seems like all hands were on deck to help us out.”
— Adam Gase was thankful for everybody, most notably the Rams, Cowboys and the city of Oxnard, who allowed the Dolphins to use the Cowboys’ training camp facility for the whole week.

“I fully expect their best shot. … They’re fresher than anybody in the league, I’ll tell you that.”
— Chargers head coach Anthony Lynn doesn’t expect anything less from the Dolphins because they were forced to postpone their opener.

“He’s instinctive. He’s a big back with power.”
— Chargers coach Anthony Lynn said he’s kept tabs for a long time on running back Jay Ajayi since they’re both from Texas.

“We’re not going to find out how great he’s going to be and how great our offense is going to be until we have live bullets, which will be this Sunday, but I think we’re moving in the right direction from obviously going up against him in practice.”
— Ndamukong Suh has been impressed with what he’s seen from quarterback Jay Cutler but knows the real test will come Sunday.

— Ndamukong Suh says Sunday will be just like any other game for him despite playing in the much smaller Stub Hub Center.

“We got the first bye of the year, so we got that award.”
— Mike Pouncey came up with a funny line when he was asked whether there were any advantages to having a bye in Week 

— Jay Cutler says spending the week in California will be beneficial in continuing to build his relationship with his new teammates.

“It’s crazy, but you’ve got to do what you to help out.” 

— Michael Thomas has seen his hometown (Houston) and his football home (South Florida) both affected by hurricanes in a span of a few weeks.

“All the football we watched this weekend, we’re all just antsy, ready to go. Getting back on the football field is just a relief for us to get out here and play ball.”

— Like his teammates, Kenny Stills is more than ready for the Dolphins regular season to get going.

— Laremy Tunsil and his teammates went through a week of practice in Southern California last year as well, so this is nothing new to them.

“It feels good just to be back out there on that island, giving my tributes to the team, trying to help the team win this game.” — Laremy Tunsil is excited about starting his first NFL season as a full-time left tackle.

“The boys didn’t expect for me to pop up. They loved it and I had a good time at home. They went crazy. They wouldn’t leave me alone the whole day.”
— Tight end MarQueis Gray surprised his sons by returning home to Minnesota after the game against Tampa Bay was postponed.

“It’s just great, knowing that you’re actually getting ready to play a game this week. What happened, happened. It was something that we couldn’t control, but now that game week is here, it’s on and popping now and we’re ready.”
— MarQueis Gray is yet another player anxious to get the season started.