ICYMI: Hero Pit Bull Dies; Miami-Dade Parking Fines Increase

Here are some of the last week’s top stories from the NBC 6 Weekend Digest:

‘Hero Pit Bull’ Dies After Protecting Kids From Poisonous Coral Snake in Florida

A pit bull is being hailed a hero after it died protecting his family from a poisonous snake in Florida on Monday.

Georgina Richardson said her son was playing with their dogs outside of their Ocala-area home when he saw Zeus jump toward him and grab what he described as a “rope,” which turned out to be a coral snake.

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Jimmy Butler, Once a Heat Hater, Now Eager to Be in Miami

Jimmy Butler once said he would never wear a Miami Heat uniform. That was when he was in Chicago, part of a Bulls team that disliked the Heat.

He remembers saying those words.

And now he wants every opponent to keep hating Miami.

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Jimmy Butler Speaks After Joining HeatJimmy Butler Speaks After Joining Heat

Miami-Dade Increasing Parking Fines – Some by Double or Triple the Amount

Miami-Dade County is increasing parking fines – some by double or triple the amount – beginning next month.

The increases take effect Oct. 1. For more information, click here.

Endangered Florida Panther Dies After Being Hit by Car

An endangered Florida panther has died after being struck by a vehicle.

It’s the 15th panther death attributed to fatal collisions, out of 18 total deaths this year.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission says the remains of a 4-month-old female panther were found Tuesday in Collier County, in a rural area west of the Florida Panther National Wildlife Refuge.

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