ICYMI: Iconic Guitar Hotel, Woman Set on Fire at Taco Bell

Here are some of our top stories from the past week from NBC 6 News.

1 – Star-Studded Open for Guitar-Shaped Hotel at Seminole Hard Rock Casino

The Guitar Hotel at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino had its official grand opening Thursday. The 450 feet tall, light-beam hotel brought celebrities like Johnny Depp, Morgan Freeman and Khloe Kardashian to South Florida, marveling at Hollywood’s latest tourist destination. The $1.5 billion project has a refurbished venue for concerts and other events, a giant pool and lagoon, retail shops, restaurants, and gambling. Click here to view the light show from opening night. Click here to read more about the hotel.

2 – Suspects Arrested in Murder of Coral Springs Firefighter Identified

Authorities say three suspects arrested in the murder of an off-duty Coral Springs firefighter were fleeing the scene of an attempted murder in Palm Beach County on the night of the killing.

Torrey Holston, 19, Jose Garcia Romero, 20, and Marco Rico, 32, have all been arrested in connection with the weekend killing of 39-year-old Christopher Randazzo, Broward Sheriff’s Office officials announced Friday.

The gunman, Holston, and the two accomplices are facing charges of first-degree murder, armed robbery and conspiracy, BSO officials said. Click here to continue reading.

3 – Miami Woman Sentenced for Robberies, but Stolen Parrot Remains Missing

A Miami woman has been sentenced to three years in state prison for her role in helping coordinate two break-ins that resulted in the birdnapping of a family’s beloved gray African parrot, Cuca.

The robberies, which took place at a West Kendall home and office building in the summer of 2017, also included over $400,000 in stolen jewelry, firearms and other valuables, as well as passports and social security cards.

Prosecutors said Yanela Tena-Cabrera, 24, acted as the lookout for the heist, which she claims was organized by her aunt, the family’s long-term housekeeper. Click here to continue reading.

4 – Woman Gets Huge Bill for Water She Says She Didn’t Use

A woman hit with a water bill for more than $2,300 dollars says someone else used her water and drove up the bill.

“I’m upset. It’s unfair,” Evelyn Fleming said.

Evelyn says she was at work and was called by a neighbor who said someone was using the water from her home to pressure clean the home next door.

“I see the long cord going from my water all the way over to his house and he was pressure cleaning the entire house,” Evelyn said.

So, she called police and started recording what she saw with her phone. When officers arrived, the man put the pressure cleaner down and came over to talk.

On police bodycam video, the man, who said he was a part owner of the home, can be heard telling the officer and Evelyn that he was told he had permission to tie into the spigot at her home.

The Miami-Dade Police officers told her it was a civil matter for them to work out, not an issue for police. That was back in January.

But soon after, Evelyn got a water bill from Miami-Dade County that totaled $2,378.98. Click here to continue reading.

5 – Fla. Senator Wants To Make Water Safety Part Of School Curriculum

A South Florida senator wants to make water safety education a priority in the public school system.

Under SB 608, students would learn what to do if caught in a rip current, the importance of formal swimming lessons, the proper use of flotation devices and other skills related to water safety. The lessons would be folded into the health education curriculum for students in grades K-12 and would vary depending on students’ ages.

Supporters of the bill feel it is a necessary step toward preventing drowning deaths across the state. Florida leads the nation in drowning deaths of children ages 1-4, according to the Florida Department of Health. Click here to continue reading.

6 – Woman Set On Fire Inside Taco Bell

Authorities in Tallahassee say a woman poured gasoline on another woman and set her on fire inside a Taco Bell restaurant.

News outlets report 32-year-old Mia Williams, who police said identifies as female, was arrested Thursday and charged with premeditated homicide, aggravated assault on an officer and resisting arrest with violence. Click here to continue reading. Click here to continue reading.

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