If I run out of dog food during the hurricane, what can I feed my pet?

You packed all your essentials ahead of the storm, but one member of the family has run through his rations. What do you feed your dog when you’ve run out of dog food?

Your best option is your own human food, specifically canned chicken breast, said Alyssa Dominguez at Knowles Animal Clinic in Miami.

“Canned chicken breast is non-perishable, so it’s best,” she said.

Also, regular boiled chicken is good. So is cooked rice.

“Vegetables are good because there is a lot of fiber,” Dominguez said.

Fruit is another option but be careful. Grapes and raisins are toxic to dogs.

As for cat lovers, cans of tuna or salmon will be appreciated by all but the most finicky of felines. Dogs can have canned tuna and salmon, too, but Domiguez recommends salmon first.

Canine Journal also offers food options for dogs beyond their normal fare:

▪ Canned vegetables like corn, beans, peas and carrots — well-rinsed and drained.

▪ Plain pasta — cooked.

▪ Plain couscous or quinoa. Avoid flavored varieties because they can be loaded with sodium and spices that may upset Teddy’s tummy.

▪ Plain, cooked oatmeal but not the sugary-flavored packets we like.

▪ High-fiber or multi-grain healthy cereals, but remember, no raisins.

▪ Low-sodium, plain tomato sauce or honey to entice a picky eater.

Knowles is also serving as a shelter for your pets as a last resort so long as space remains. You have to bring your own kennel and you can’t stay with your pet.

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