ISSUES: 2016 Presidential Race – Presumptive Nominees & Local Impact

We’ve come a long way from the start of the presidential race and it’s finally down to two, or is it three? – Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump – and let’s not forget Libertarian Candidate, Gary Johnson – who is already taking some of the GOP vote away from Trump. This is no doubt a historic milestone for women, but as of Friday morning, Senator Bernie Sanders is still fighting the good fight and has yet to drop out of the race. Our panel discusses the latest on the race for the White House and how it may impact local and state elections.

Maurice A. Ferrè, Former Mayor, City of Miami
Kathryn A. DePalo, Ph.D., Florida International University
Juan-Carlos “J.C.” Planas, Esq., Kaplan, Young, Moll & Parron, PLLC