ISSUES: Decision 2016 – PBC Penny Sales Tax

Residents in Palm Beach County have a big decision to make this November – and it all comes down to a penny. The county has left it up to voters whether to approve raising the current 6% sales tax to 7%. If approved, the sales surtax would raise an estimated $2.7 billion in revenue over the next decade. That money would go towards a backlog of repairs for the district’s schools, the county’s infrastructure and its 39 municipalities, in addition to some new projects. But is this the best option for tax payers? Join host Henry Mack with guest moderator Brian Crowley, and our panel of guests as they breakdown the facts.


Todd Bonlarron, Assistant County Administrator, Palm Beach County Government
Mike Burke, CFO, School District of Palm Beach County
Richard Radcliffe, Executive Director, Palm Beach County League of Cities
Brian Crowley, Editor, Crowley Political