ISSUES: Miami-Dade’s Tolls – “Highway Robbery”?

In November of last year, two major Miami-Dade expressways, the 836 and the 112, went under dramatic toll expansions. Prior to November 15th, only a portion of these roads were tolled — now it’s the entire highway, leading drivers to dig deeper into their pockets. Miami-Dade’s Expressway Authority (MDX) said this added revenue would help finance improvements and ease congestion. But seven months later, commuters are still up in arms. In last Sunday’s Miami Herald, a calculator was available for on-line readers to figure out the new cost of these tolls — leaving most commuters outraged. Opponents to these toll hikes feel consumer outrage will bring about necessary reforms, but have these increased tolls been a benefit to decrease congestion?

Doug Hanks, The Miami Herald