ISSUES REPORTS: 2 of 2 Money Down the Drain?

Miami-Dade County government officials have neglected to properly invest in the county’s water and sewer infrastructure, and new repairs are slated to cost each man, woman, and child $4,700 over the next two decades. Are we throwing our money down the drain?

Ricardo Alvarez, Florida Center for Environmental Studies
Emilio Azoy, AFSCME Local 121
Irela Bague, South Florida Water Management District Governing Board (2004-2007)
Carlos Gimenez, Mayor, Miami-Dade County
Albert Slap, Esq., Biscayne Bay Waterkeeper
Douglas Yoder, Miami-Dade County Water and Sewer
Juan Carlos Zapata, Miami-Dade County Commission, District 11

Studio Interview:
Dan Gelber, Former State Senator
Katy Sorenson, Good Government Initiative