ISSUES REPORTS – Homeless in Paradise

From its beautiful beaches to its thriving nightlife, Miami is seen as a vibrant, world-class destination. But that glitz and glamour is lost on one population: the homeless.

Hundreds of people live on the streets of Miami-Dade County. For many of them, a key cause is a treatable mental illness. But recent cuts to the county’s federal homeless funding mean less help for the people who need it most. While the problem is not unique to our region, we look at a unique program one South Florida organization is using to help homeless people with serious mental health issues get off the street.

Veteran journalist and South Florida PBS host, Laurel Sauer, engages our expert guests on the important role programs like the Lazarus Project play in ending the cycle of homelessness versus the cost of doing nothing at all.

Constance Collins, J.D., Exec. Dir., Lotus House
Hon. Steven Leifman, Chair, Supreme Court of Florida Task Force on Substance Abuse & Mental Issues