It’s a girl! Watch a baby giraffe take her first steps

Zoo Miami’s 51st giraffe was born just before noon on Wednesday. And the video of the newborn taking her first steps is precious.

But it will be a while before Zoo visitors get to see the still-to-be-named baby giraffe. For now, she is off exhibit with her mother until the staff decides she is well bonded and can be safely introduced to the rest of the herd, according to Zoo Miami’s spokesman Ron Magill.

Over the next few days, the newborn will receive a neonatal and overall wellness examination to insure she is healthy.

The female giraffe was born to 10-year-old Mia and 5-year-old Titan.

5 giraffe

The female giraffe was born to Mia and Titan.

Courtesy of Zoo Miami

Giraffes are typically six feet tall and weigh more than 100 pounds at birth. Their welcome into the world is quite impressive: They fall four to six feet to the ground since the mothers often give birth standing up.