It’s official: Jim Cantore is coming to Miami for Irma

He’s coming.

Celebrity meteorologist Jim Cantore will be in Miami during our time of need.

Though he can’t change the fact that a ferocious storm is about to ravage our entire state, he can guide us.

His employer, The Weather Channel, confirmed the intrepid weatherman will arrive Friday.

Cantore is fresh off dealing with Hurricane Harvey, even jumping in and helping a few victims.

For those of who stay, he will be a welcome sight. But we also know he only goes to the hardest hit places.

He Tweeted on Tuesday that he was in Atlanta, so we weren’t sure.

On Thursday, he tweeted a frightening look graphic of this monster.

“Microwave (MRI) of #Irma eyewall and looks like its expanding,” was his caption.

We’ll see you soon, Jim.

We did get to speak to him on the phone just as he arrived. For the interview and his thoughts about the storm, click here.