It’s still really, really hot in Miami. When will it finally cool down?

Last week, we heard that some parts of Florida were chilling out, and we got excited.

On Friday, some TV forecasters reported that we were about to head into cooler temps.

But it’s not fall yet. At least in our parts.

Because this weekend, at least in South Florida, it was hot. Really hot. Like summer hot. Not mid-October hot. reported that the dip in the thermometer in Southwest Florida was due to something called “radiational cooling,” when air near the ground is cooled by the Earth’s surface, losing heat by radiation.

People in Central Florida saw some crisp sweater weather as well.

But South Florida people felt nothing of the sort.

According to Accuweather, on Saturday, Miami’s high was 90. On Sunday, it reached 87. The record high was in 1990, when the weekend temps hit 93 degrees and 92 degrees, respectively.

Not bad if you want to go to the beach. Not great if you are sitting sidelines on a soccer field.

Temperatures are expected to stay in the high 80s the rest of the week, with thunderstorms possible in the afternoon.

The semi-good news?

On Halloween, the weather is expected to improve slightly, in case you plan to wear a heavy costume and are trick-or-treating outside. The high is expected to be 78, with a low of 71. Now that would be a treat.