‘I’ve Been Through That’: Miami Dolphins Impacted by Harvey

In between the lines, their minds are on the game, but when the Dolphins’ safety Michael Thomas and defensive tackle Vincent Taylor step off the field, their attention quickly turns to their loved ones being affected by Hurricane Harvey.

Rain continues to fall in East Texas, adding to the already devastating flooding the area has endured.

“A lot of people I know are trapped in their homes, thank God my family was able to get out and get to Dallas,” said Thomas. “From what I hear, the Coast Guard has to open up the flood gates to save millions of homes.”

The images of people being rescued from the flood waters hits close to home for Taylor as well. While he may not be from Houston, he recalls enduring the nightmare of when Hurricane Katrina went barreling through his hometown of New Orleans.

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“I know what it’s like losing everything, losing your house, I’ve been through that,” said Taylor.

Taylor was just 10 years old when Katrina ravaged Louisiana. This Tuesday marks the 12-year anniversary of that tragic storms’ touchdown. But, Taylor doesn’t need to be reminded of the date, he has it tattooed on his right arm.

“I just remember looking out the window and seeing a big ole Popeye’s sign flying past the window, and I remember thinking this could get ugly,” said Taylor.

The tattoo isn’t the only etched image from Katrina Taylor carries with him. The sights and sounds of Mother Nature’s fury remain engraved in his mind.

“Those images and those same sound effects are still in my mind today,” said Taylor.

Fortunate for Taylor, he’s safe in South Florida, while his brother, Victor, lives in Houston. Unlike during Katrina, Victor heeded the Hurricane Warnings and fled for safety like Thomas’ family did to avoid Harvey’s wrath.