Key West tourist booked for domestic battery after biting her husband during sex

A 42-year-old Ohio woman was jailed Sunday after police said she bit her husband during sex while at a Key West hotel.

Jennifer M. Rahe Hickman, a dental hygienist from Mason, Ohio, was drunk when officers handcuffed her and said multiple times, “I’m going to [expletive] kill him,” according to the police report.

“She continued yelling and screaming the entire ride to the jail,” wrote Officer Daniel Blanco, who booked Hickman for misdemeanor domestic battery.

An employee of the Southernmost on the Beach hotel called police after learning of a verbal dispute coming from room 409. When she called the room, a man answered the phone crying.

The husband told police he and his wife were drinking at the pool area when they decided to go to their room and have sex. But Hickman became angry and said he was using her, police said, and at one point locked her teeth on his left forearm.

Under the “weapon” category on the arrest report, police listed “Teeth.”

During the arrest, the couple’s son got between officers and his mom, who was lying on a beach chair with her eyes closed. He moved only after officers threatened to arrest him as well.